Buddy Mullins is Booking Appearances for 2016

Buddy SingingHello Friends,  I am excited and have started booking dates for the 2016 calendar year and I would love to come to your area.  I want to share in music and mission with you. Together lets celebrate what Christ has done for us and see what He is doing all around the globe.  This will be a time of uplift and challenge to be the arms of love and the voice of freedom to our nation and to our world.

Buddy Mullins Update

It has been an exciting month so far. Many of our missionaries are having special help campromaniateams come in from America to build buildings, teach VBS or host camp to children. It’s a very active summer and we are so thankful to our HEROS of the faith that are working to share Christ to the nations. Pray about becoming involved with us here at HFTW, we need your help.

Hope for the World Romania

colliccosWe just had the privilege to visit with our Hope for the World missionaries to Romania, Tony and Kelly Collicco, and their children, Jessica, Chelesta, Adrena, and Anthony at their home here in the states. Kerri and I had the chance to visit their work with the Roma Gypsy in June of 2014, but Tony and his family were not able to be there during our stay. They did however let us stay in their house in Romania and we had the great honor to spend time with Bogdan and Marius, two of the men who have been helping the Collicco family for many of their years of ministry. We were so touched by all that has been done to share the love of Christ with the Gypsy community. They have not only shared the gospel with them but have built homes for them, provided electricity, created jobs, feeding centers, and education centers. Over the twenty years that they have been there, they have planted churches and dug water wells. The Collicco kids which range in age from 14-22, head up Camp Joy in the summertime and they minister to over five hundred Gypsy children. They have been caring for the basic needs of these people over the years and now they are beginning to see the fruit of their labor.   Strangely enough with all the blessings happening on the field, the struggle to keep support raised is equally challenging and has been a great burden on them. One thing that Kerri and I were so impressed with while visiting with the Collicco’s, was how much of they’re lives, conversations, decisions, even here in the states were always with the thoughts on Romania. It’s so apparent that God has not only called Tony and Kelly, but their children as well.   This is just one of our missionary families that work with Hope for the World. I pray you will consider supporting Hope for the World because in doing so, you are supporting families just like the Collicco’s. God is using them to bring hope where there has been no hope.   Pray, give, and go.