Life as we know it

Well summer is in full swing here in Santa Rosa Beach and you know it by trying to get anywhere here quickly.  Tourists have taken over.  Though it does make life a bit more hectic, I’m also thankful because of the life it breaths into our community.  It so great to see some new faces and friends that visit us at the Chapel at Crosspoint on Sundays to worship with us.

The family at Graduation

On another note Victoria is getting geared up for college and Olivia is soon to be heading into her first year in high school.  This is a summer of changes, but all for the good.  Keep them both in your prayers.
Many of you know that Kerri and I just returned in mid June from three of our Hope for the
World mission fields in Albania, Romania, and India.  So thankful that we made all 15 flight connections and no baggage was lost and no one got sick.


While in each of these countries, we were able to see what great work has been going on, some for over 20 years.  Over the next month,keep checking back here at and I will let you know more about those trips.  God is blessing the Works of Hope for the World and we are getting ready for a great new year of sharing how we can become involved from right where we are here at home and touch people all around the world.  Talk to you soon.  Buddy

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