Hope for the World Albania

buddykerriheadshotBuddy and I have been supporting Hope for the World Albania since our girls were small and have had the privilege of watching this ministry grow from one orphanage in horribly bad condition to 22 years later, HFTW Albania has 6 orphan homes, a handicapped center, a elderly center, and, what I want to write about today, The Hope Center for Teens.  Please watch the following video.

HFTW Albania Hope Center

As you can see, it is a wonderful place for kids to continue their education, grow in the Lord, and feel like they have a family who loves and supports them.  We have one more payment on this Hope Center that is due in November of $43,000.  This money has to be raised outside of their regular monthly budget.  Buddy and I want to help raise this money.  From now until the end of October 2014, for a $25 or more donation (prayerfully more), we will send you one of our new Mullins Family Worship CD’s.

Please visit hftw.org/give and you can pay through PayPal.  Please indicate under PURPOSE:   HFTW Albania Hope Center(free Mullins CD).  Then please drop us a email and tell us you made the donation and would like your free CD with your name and mailing address at buddy@buddymullins.com.

Blessings to you in Advance for helping us raise this money,

Kerri Mullins



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