Buddy Mullins New CD PASSPORT September 24th


Gospel Music Association Hall of Fame artist, Buddy Mullins, announces his newest and most passionate music release of PASSPORT on September 24th, 2016. “Its been a long time since I have recorded a solo project, but this is so close to my heart, a literal “pouring out” of my soul for what I am doing now. Buddy is the CEO of a Humanitarian/Missions Foundation called Hope for the World. “I wanted to bring a different approach to missions that no artist has ever done before, to inspire people with a concert of music and media, to get excited and passionate about getting involved in world missions!” This project goes beyond missions though. Its a call back to Matthew 25 where Jesus said “when you have done it unto the least of these, you have done it unto me.” A line in “Christ in Me”, says “this love that is so personal to God.” “Be the Church” compels us to go beyond the walls and do the work of Christ. We complain about wanting to see change in our world, and listen to 24-hour news with fear of the end of the world, when Jesus Christ called His followers to go to “the uttermost parts of the earth” and tell them of the love of Christ. Only His love and compassion can affect real change in this world. PASSPORT is as much about everyday life as it is about missions. The music is fresh and current, and every word and note has specific purpose and placement for a message full of anointing.

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